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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dog Fights

I had posted this in Nikki's diary on Dogster, but got some feedback about taking some of it off, so am going to post this here instead. It is written as if Nikki herself was writing it:

True, we play fight a lot with lots of biting and true, Parker growls at me when I want to chew my chews (MY chews!) He likes to commandeer my toys and everything, especially the squeaky ball. But today, Mom was playing Fetch with him, which gave me a chance to chew on my old chew that he had dropped. Everything was going great until I dropped the chew near him. I made a dash for the chew and so did he - and then we got in a for-real fight!! Mommy was scared and shouted at us but we didn't stop. She thought of turning the hose on us but was too worried about me, so she pulled Parker off.

Mommy says we play differently than my bestest friend and I play. So tonight, she uploaded a video of Kayla and me playing a few weeks ago. Tomorrow, she wants to take new video of Parker and me playing together and then you can judge for yourselves.

I don't know, sometimes he won't even let me go to the bathroom in peace. If any of you fellow Dogsters out there have some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


OK - here are some videos. The first one is Nikki and Kayla at play. You can see that they don't bite and they're very good with each other.

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Now here are two of Nikki and Parker at play today. Definitely a mild version - not quite so many body slams, but you still see the biting, etc.

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