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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nikki's Birthday Party

Nikki is going to be one years old on Tuesday, April 11th, so Robin and Kayla threw Nikki a birthday party today. The 2 girls hadn't seen each other for awhile, so there was quite a lot of joyous jumping, wrestling and some non-threatening growling to re-establish the pecking order. I was surprised to see that Kayla seemed taller and filled out a bit since we had last seen her. She's over a year old now, so I hadn't expected that.

It was a lovely day out, so they had the requisite pool party. They ran up and down the yard, and, of course, ran into my almost fully recovered left knee. Luckily, I had gone to the doctor, so was able to take an anti-inflammatory right away, which helped immensely.

We had fun trying to get Nikki to pose with her party hat on ... as you can see, they're still quite damp from their "swim" (and so is my floor.) Luckily, she was fairly tired so the party hat remained in good shape.

Robin and Kayla brought Nikki some beautiful dog cookies, cannoli plus a huge cupcake, all in a great dog bowl with the apropos word "Diva" written on the bowl. Nikki seems to love her treats from this Belmont Shore dog bakery more than the Three Dog Treats bakery in Newport. I'd love to get a collar with the word "Diva" on it for Nikki. It would suit her so! Robin gave me some Easter candy from Sees that was quite yummy!

All in all, Nikki had a great birthday party and a good pre-birthday week. She saw more people than usual, including playing with the 2 boys twice, plus she got to see her best friend, Kayla! She's one happy and tired dog - which makes for one, happy Mom. :-)


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