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Friday, March 31, 2006

Boot Camp Sucks!

I met my sister for brunch today and then had to do errands, so Nikki was left at home all morning and part of the afternoon. She was crated, of course. I fed her and then decided to do the exercise before taking her outside to play so that her food could digest. All I can say is, Boot Camp Sucks!

It was going badly and I was so desperate, that I called the trainer but found out that he was out of the country. His assistant advised me to email him as he'll probably check his emails at an Internet Cafe. So afterwards, I wrote him this email:

Hi Dan,

I need your advice already about my stubborn girl, Nikki. I went out and bought the bed yesterday plus some toys. I did the exercise with her and succeeded in getting her to stay on the bed for 15 minutes. (She fought me, of course, and at first was only on the bed for 5 minutes, then another 6 minutes, then 15 minutes after that. I only got to do it that one time yesterday as it was late.)

Today I was gone in the morning and didn't get back until the afternoon, so she was crated that whole time. I fed her and then did the exercise. An hour and 10 minutes later ... she still hadn't stayed on the bed for more than 5 seconds. I'd drop the leash and off she go. I was exhausted, she was exhausted .... She lay down once and I couldn't get her to stand up. She finally did. She even started to snap at my hand when I would go to get her leash (usually it was tangled around her so I had to put my hand near her chest to untangle it.) I called you in desperation and Christine called back, saying you were out of the country. She suggested I email you. Finally, since I was expecting company, I just stood next to the bed, holding her leash. At least she stayed on the bed then - standing - for more than 5 minutes. Then she tried to get off the bed again. I did that several more times with her and then I released her when I decided, not when she decided. This whole session lasted 1 1/2 hours.

I expect she'll do this again and again. How long should I keep trying each time and is it OK to stand by her bed holding her leash (if I can't get her to obey)?

Too bad you're out of the country. I'd say "Take her now!" :-)



After this fiasco, I let her drink water and then put her outside. The neighbors came over to talk about the fence and she kept banging at the door. I ignored her. I let her back in, hoping to have a nice night with her - was going to play with her. She did not improve much in attitude, so I put her to bed early.

Dan isn't coming back from his trip until April 18. How am I going to last??


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