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Friday, December 23, 2005

Nikki & the Heil Street Tradition

My friend and I were going to look at the amazing Christmas lights display that people traditionally put up at their houses around Heil Street in Fountain Valley, but she wasn't feeling good. I was disappointed but it made sense that she stay home and rest. We made plans for going after Christmas ... hopefully the lights will still be up.

My aunt suggested I take Nikki with me and go see the lights anyway. I thought about it but wasn't sure I wanted to do that. But then I figured I'd go through a drive-thru and grab a bite to eat, so I put Nikki in the car. She was in the back seat sans harness, which I had forgotten. I didn't want to go back in the house to get it; I figured it'd be OK as we were just going to go up the street.

Suddenly, however, I was in the mood to see the lights, so off we went. Once we got there, Nikki got very excited at seeing all of the lights and people walking around. There were parents with their kids in strollers, dogs, teenagers ... everyone was out to view the Christmas displays. Last year about 250 homes were decorated; I imagine it was about the same amount this year.

Nikki and I had a blast looking out of the car windows; she even ventured into the front seat and panted in my ear. Very cute. I'd like to look at the houses in more detail, so hopefully my friend and I will go, but it was fun to see Nikki get into the Christmas spirit!

Of course she's in the spirit! She knows it's Christmas! I've told her all about it.


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