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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Callie Cat's Health Update

Took this picture of Callie this morning - didn't get a chance to clean her eyes like I usually do, so she would have looked better. But notice her poor little nose (click on photo to enlarge). If you look back at previous photos posted of her earlier this year, you'll see how she's changed.

Had to take Callie in to the vet today for her re-check; it had been a week since her last radiation fraction. She saw Dr. Milo at All Care, who seemed quite nice. He remarked how sweet Callie is, and added that most torties and calicos can be rather fractious but that Callie was amazingly sweet. Which is so true. Everyone at All Care fusses over her and they all comment about her sweet personality. One day when I couldn't pick her up on time, apparently many of them visited and petted her.

Her overall outlook isn't too bad. Luckily she doesn't have any oral ulcers, which many cats develop. She does have some redness of her gums but it's not too bad. She's losing fur on her nose. When I took her out of her cat carrier at the vet, I noticed that her nose began to run. It hadn't started until we had left the house. I'm glad the doctor got to see that as she may be developing a secondary infection in the nasal cavity; he put her on Clavamox. She's now on 3 meds: prednisone, Clavamox and Metronidazole Syrup. The pred is administered every other day, while the other 2 are twice a day. Callie will love that.

She's lost more weight. Her original weight of over 11 lbs. was too much (but I thought she looked cute - she was my little chubette) and the vet said that this weight was OK for her. But he didn't want to see her continue to slide downwards. I can give her chicken baby food in addition to the I/D. I didn't know that the I/D was basically chicken and rice, so if I feel the need to pump up the flavor a bit, I should only use chicken. Oh. And here I've been giving her fish - stuff like Friskies Salmon, etc. Anyway, I'm to take her back in next Friday for another recheck. She'll see the oncologist then.

I ran a few errands afterwards with Callie in the car. Even went through a drive-thru to grab a bite to eat. Callie was so happy to NOT be at the vet that she happily sat in her carrier and observed these new surroundings with great curiosity. She was very calm, unlike a certain hyper Golden puppy who shall remain nameless.


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