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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Kids

Today was a day of ferrying around my 2 girls. Callie went in for her 2nd radiation treatment at 5 AM and 7 1/2 month old Nikki went to get a much-needed bath, her nails trimmed and her teeth brushed at PetsMart.

I must admit, Callie has lost weight already! I noticed it when I was petting her and sure enough, she weighed .75 lbs. less. I don't think she ate much today. I'll have to try to encourage her to eat tomorrow, if I can. I'm not sure if her eyes feel OK - her left one bothers her. I wrote a note about it when I checked her in, but not sure what was thought about it.

Nikki did pretty good. She's excitable so she jumped around when they were trying to bathe her, etc., but she's a good girl. It was funny, last Tuesday when I took her to class, I stopped to purchase items. (PetsMart has a good racquet. Every time I go there for training, I buy something!) Anyway, I was busy at the cash register and a little girl stopped to pet her. Nikki was great with her! Well, today, two very little twin boys (that have their own big dog) stopped to pet her and she was great with them! They jumped but it didn't bother her. Luckily, their mom was watching. Nikki just loved the attention. I'm so happy that she appears to be so good with kids.

What can I say? She'll do anything for treats and attention. Mommy? Who's that?? That's my girl! :-)


  • Puppies are always exitable and my mothers' Newfoundland (though she's at least 2yrs old) still acts like one when any member of the family comes home that's been away longer than a day. I don't always have the best luck staying standing when a 120 lb dog jumps on me!

    By Blogger runlolarun, at 7:21 AM  

  • Tell me about it! One time she practically blew out my knee! Luckily, Nikki won't get anywhere near 120 lbs!

    By Blogger 3 Cats & a Golden, at 1:30 PM  

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