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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Callie, Joey Bear & Max

Well, Callie had her first radiation fraction yesterday. I took this picture after getting her home because I wanted to show the white marks - as you can see, the marks are V-shaped and have the texture of Wite-Out. You see, the radiation is done in between those marks. They can't get the machine to do it any smaller so her whole nose is getting radiation. That means that her little nose will not be in good shape by the end of the month ... she'll have mouth ulcers and other yucky stuff. Poor little thing.

We're supposed to keep the white marks on so they don't have to re-do them, but I wasn't too successful with that. I always clean the cats' eyes, so I bet I wiped away part of the marks! Oh well. I think they charge for that too. I'll learn.

She has to go every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday for 4 weeks. Which means tomorrow, both Callie and I have to get up around 4 AM and drive in the dark to the vet. Not very much fun, especially for her. They put her under briefly. I believe that just the treatments alone will cost over $2,000.

The second picture was taken Saturday morning ... it was chilly and the kitties were seeking some warmth. Max scratched his way to get under the comforter while I was in bed. Later, I found Joey all snuggled up in my comforter, so I just had to take his picture.

I took several pictures of the cats playing with my dangling lens cap. Here's one of Joey and Max. Cute, aren't they?


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