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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The House and Callie

Just in case you're looking for the post about helping me choose a painting scheme, then please scroll down to read the previous post entitled "Rain Interrupts Us!" (I wrote that one yesterday.) And please, leave comments.

Today was interesting. Dealing with the construction crew and trying to make decisions in the morning, plus juggling Nikki is always interesting. In fact, trying to hold on to a 50 lb. (or so) Golden Retriever who is charging at the end of a leash is always a challenge. We were trying to figure out how to lay out the pilasters and the "winged walls," so I called Jon, the architect, several times. At least Jeremy will be by tomorrow so it will be good to have him eyeball it. The curve of the path was really throwing me off; I couldn't tell how it looked!

In the meantime, I had a power outage in the kitchen and could not get the darn thing to come back on (I have a problem with that fuse). Finally, with the help of one of the workers, we got it back on. I needed the power to come back on because my refrigerator was affected. All because I tried to use my microwave to heat up my morning coffee, which had gotten cold because I had been interrupted by the crew.

Callie needed to go to the vet today to get a check-up so we could decide on the start date of her radiation treatment. She will have 12 fractions (treatments) in a month. 3 per week. At any rate, there was a guy behind the desk that didn't quite seem to have a handle on things. He tried to take a picture of a dog who was just being a dog and didn't pose for the camera. I'm sorry but there were plenty of times he could have taken the darn picture! Then he said the dog's name very loudly and whistled loudly, which neither the dog or I appreciated. His owner hastily told him to stop, that it made it worse. Yeah, HELLO! I was rolling my eyes by this time.

This same guy took Callie and me into a room and temped Callie. He exclaimed, "OH, MY GOD!" He freaked me out. He then said that there was some kind of weird discharge ... I thought it looked like poop?? Maybe she has to go to the bathroom, I suggested. Oh, no, it seemed to come from the side and he had never SEEN anything like this before and I better ask the doctor.

He left, leaving me rather upset. I had all kinds of thoughts ... the cancer has metasticized, my little girl is dying .... The vet comes in, looks at her, says she's fine.

Believe me, I wanted to say something about this guy. Like he shouldn't be working there! I didn't tell the dog-picture story (he couldn't even do that properly) but I did say that he had exclaimed loudly and had upset me. (I really think it's their duty to try to remain calm so that everyone remains calm. Ya know?) But the vet and the tech didn't take the hint. Oh well. Next time I'll be ready for him.

We got in and out of there so fast today, it was great! Plus they didn't charge me. Yeah! Callie starts her radiation Nov. 5 at 5 AM. I have to get here there at 5 AM. Ooh, that's 3 days a week for a month, getting there at 5 AM.

Several neighbors stopped by to tell me how great the house looked, which is always nice to hear. In fact, the neighbors, who helped me escape from the master bedroom the morning after I moved in, even stopped by to tell me how good the house was now looking. They wanted to put in a new pathway at their home too. So maybe some will be inspired to do even more upgrades.

Notice they're almost done with the chimney. Also, they painted on the ground and used string to "draw" the lighted pilasters in front.


  • It IS looking really good! How long have you lived here? Doing all kinds of stuff to give it a facelift! I like seeing the progress pictures.

    By Anonymous Mari, at 2:18 PM  

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