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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Changes and Sneezers

Well, FINALLY, the construction crew is back after a 4-month break! I had hired Rock Bottom Construction (owner is Jeremy) based on the advice of the company that I had signed a contract with last November to paint my house, SharpDots. They've all known each other for years. Then I got plans drawn up, based on Jeremy's suggestion. Finally we were ready to go and they put in a stone path in front, widened the stoop and put in a stone sidewalk by the curb to make it easier to get in and out of cars without stepping in mud. I then put in my new front door, which I just love.

Phase II was supposed to be to take the existing, ugly, painted brick off of the house and non-painted brick off of the chimney and replace it with stone. (Believe me, if it had been old brick, which is beautiful, I would not be taking it off of the house and I would have done a brick pathway, which is so much cheaper than stone! But this brick in its original color is a weird pink, has a porous appearance and is stacked.) Anyway, I did want a break from construction, especially since I had just gotten Nikki, but not that long! Oh well, a guy is outside right now, tearing off the old brick. The pounding isn't too bad. Hope all goes well! I'll be putting up Before and During and After photos.

After Rock Bottom finishes their work, the house can finally be painted. Oh, wait - Kevin has to put in the new laundry room door first. Then the house can be painted. Then sprinklers and landscaping. It will be years before I can afford new windows (I want Pella windows with the panes on both sides of the windows), but this house really needs them. The den is SO drafty in the winter. You freeze sitting on the sofa. And it gets way too hot in the summer. Oh, just remembered about insulation. I have very little in the attic and none between the walls. If I'm going to do that now, that needs to be done before the painting. Otherwise I'd have to wait several years again until the house needs painting again! When you own an older house, or any house for that matter, lots of upkeep!

So that takes care of the Changes. The Sneezers are the cats. Yep, they've been sneezing for about a week now. Joey Bear started first, then Callie and Max. Max is the worst. Clear discharge and all, but suppose I should take at least Callie in. I'd love to take Max in, but he got so traumatized last time that they had to put him under to examine him! I'm tired and sneezy myself today and don't feel quite up to it today. So probably will take in Callie tomorrow. I'm hoping they'll put her on some kind of antibiotic. If so, wouldn't it be nice if they gave me some for Max and Joey. The good thing is that they do have their weight charted, so that would help. But the vet is a stickler for proper procedure, so I'm not sure they will go along with it. They may, though, in Max's case since I don't think they relish handling him! Keep your fingers crossed!


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