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Friday, September 02, 2005

Callie Has Her Biopsy

Callie Cat had her biopsy today (Friday) and she came through like a trouper. It is a growth and the vet snipped a bit off. She's on RX for awhile and I'll find out the results in 3-5 days. It could be a tumor or fungus. Let's hope it's a fungus!

Everyone at the vet's tells me how docile Callie is. Dr. Malo said that she was a really neat cat. And she is! Very special. Amazing that someone abandoned her many years ago.

Friday night, Callie slept on my dad's desk chair and then hid behind the couch after I gave her some RX. She didn't come into the bedroom and sleep with me as she normally does. She was still behind the couch Saturday morning. I got her and brought her into the bathroom where she began to relax. She used her litter box but still didn't eat or drink. I petted her and she began to purr loudly. Gave her the RX. She briefly stopped purring. She soon relaxed again and began to purr. When I opened the door, she gladly left the bathroom and headed for my bedroom. She hid under the bed but I could tell that she was beginning to feel a bit better. Her right nostril (where they did the biopsy) is probably clogged up with dried blood so it may be hampering her breathing a bit. Nothing serious but perhaps uncomfortable.

Callie surfaced twice later in the day, which was a good sign. The second time she popped up, I noticed she was trying to lick her nose; it must have started bleeding. I tried to clean the area a bit—hope that helped her. She hid back under the bed again. As bedtime approached, I was getting worried as I was supposed to give her more meds, but she was under the bed and wouldn't come out. She still hadn't eaten anything or had any water all day. To my surprise, Callie finally surfaced for a third time, so I was able to take her into the bathroom and give her some quiet time away from the other cats. After I petted her, she actually ate some food, which made me very happy. And of course, she was given her meds, which didn't make her very happy. Oh well.

On a sad note, my sister's cocker spaniel, Magic, had to have surgery on his ears and his eye Friday. He's now stone deaf and has only one eye. Poor little thing. Let's hope he recovers fast.


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