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Friday, August 26, 2005

Callie Cat Goes to the Vet

As some of you may know, I've been worried about Callie's health for several months. She's now 11 years old (that's a guess as she was abandoned by her former owners 10 years ago) and is a senior cat - but don't tell her that! She's perky and playful and gets along with Max again, although Joey Bear tries to be macho with her, the little brat.

I took her in to the vet today and I was happy to hear that she had gained weight - about 8 oz. She's back up to 10 lbs. (I can't remember what her original weight was - I used to call her my little chubette. Very cute.) Callie does have something up her right nostril which the vet tried to remove. Even though she didn't put up any fuss at all, he couldn't get at it. It could be a foreign object (like a piece of cat litter), a fungus or a tumor. So I had a big decision to make. Work it up (expensive) or play a wait-and-see-what-happens game. I decided to do the work-up. Callie had blood tests and a chest x-ray today; I should get the results over the weekend. The x-ray was to make sure that if it was a tumor that it hasn't already spread to her lungs. The vet offered to keep her overnight at no charge but I said, no, I'll pick her up. Callie is sitting on my desk as I write this - very happy, I'm sure, that I brought her home! When I picked her up, one of the techs said that Callie was so docile that she could do her x-ray without any help from anyone else, I guess which is not the case in over 90% of kitties!

If the tests come out clear, we'll go ahead and do a biopsy. If it is a tumor, that is NOT a good place to have it, and options depend on what type of cancer it is. If it's a foreign object, no problem! If it's a fungus, there are pills. So think good thoughts for Callie!

I posted a new video of Callie on my website. Long download but she is just adorable in it.


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