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Monday, August 29, 2005

Nikki is 5 Months Old!

Well, it's official. My little Nikki turned 5 months old today! We celebrated this momentous event by taking lots of pictures and videos of her, which hopefully I'll be able to upload tonight to my website. Even got a clip of her running in the back yard, which is something she loves to do, especially after I water the grass.

This is supposed to be the beginning of the "difficult" times, the teen years. The problem is, she was never a hugely obedient puppy so I can just imagine what I'm in for!

Yesterday, I took Nikki for a ride in the car so I could get some errands done. I thought she'd enjoy it. Nope, doesn't appear that she did. I had to get out of the car briefly (3 minutes or so) and that set her off. When I came back, she had twisted herself all up in the harness and seat belt! Her leg was caught in it! It was very hard to untangle her. After that errand was done, we drove to a couple of other destinations. She ended up throwing up, eating a "hot meal" as my aunt calls it, and then snarled herself back up in her harness and seat belt! All in all, not a red-letter day!


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