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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rain Interrupts Us!

Do you want to hear something funny? I had to call the plumber as the toilet in the guest bath was leaking. I knew about the leak only because the wood underneath had become swollen, pushing the linoleum up! I called the guy that my dad had used for years, plus I had used him to replace my kitchen and bath faucets last year. He came today to fix the leak. He told me that it had been leaking for years, before my parents died. The wood is totally shot underneath the toilet so I need a new floor and underlayment. (Oh goody. I wasn't going to tackle this bathroom for a long time.)

The funny part is this: the plumber didn't recognize my house and had passed it several times before realizing it was the correct one! :-)

This chimney picture was taken yesterday after the guys left. They ended up leaving early - around 2PM - because of the rain. In fact, they got caught in a deluge and had to take refuge by my front door. It rained all last night, so that's probably why they didn't show up today. I haven't heard from anyone but I'm sure that's the reason.

I'm trying to pick paint colors and could sure use input. I'll be using Dunn Edwards paint because that's what the painters use. However, I have a funny feeling that Benjamin Moore has more paint choices. Also a good paint.

I think the paint colors could be in the earth tone family - and shouldn't the stucco be a bit lighter than the middle range of the stone? If I use 4 colors, I would have 2 accent colors. See, the biggest decisions deal with the siding, the eaves, the doors (including garage door) and windows.

So how does this sound?

Stucco - light to medium earth tone - body color
Siding - 2 shades darker than stucco - accent #1
Eaves, Doors, Windows and Column - white, including garage door - trim
Wood Trim around Windows - accent color #2 (such as a blue or green or whatever)

Or do you prefer this 3 color combo:

Stucco - light to medium earth tone - body color
Siding, Windows and Eaves - 2 shades darker than stucco - trim
Doors, Window Trim and Column - accent color (such as a blue or green or whatever)

I just can't see the eaves being a dark color, though. Or maybe it should be something entirely different? Feedback on this please! Scroll down to see the house pictures to help you decide.


  • Is it possible for you to post the color combos that you're talking about. Since I'm a visual person it would be easier to offer an opinion. Generally, I agree that the stucco (body) paint color should be lighter than the stone and accent colors. And I also think that the eaves should be painted one solid neutral color.

    By Anonymous Mari, at 2:26 PM  

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