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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Intermediate Training for Miz Pup, Etc.

Yes, last night, Nikki and I went back to PetsMart for our Intermediate Training. Actually, my little goof did surprisingly well. I actually got her in the car without balking (her, not me) and off we went! We got there early on purpose, as I wanted her to calm down before training started. She did, so I put the Gentle Leader on her. Just then, the rest of the pups showed up - 4 large dogs, I believe. There was one little guy, but since he thinks he's a large dog, he does OK. Another one barked a lot and was a bit overwhelming in general for Nikki. The one that was close to her in temperament was a female lab. I could see them becoming Buds in the future.

Nikki greeted all of them and her Gentle Leader came off; it had been too loose. So we adjusted it and got it back on her after she calmed down. Then we all walked up and down aisles, practicing Sit, Wait and the clicker. She did pretty good! The Gentle Leader really changes her behavior.

At the end of class, I mentioned to the trainer about what my sis had suggested about getting Nikki her own pet bed to sit on as I planned to buy the bed that night. She said yes and that we were actually going to have a class in it! Wow, so that's cool. I guess we're to bring the bed or blanket and have them Settle on it. So we went over to the pet beds, the trainer picked one out and put it on the floor. Nikki immediately went on the bed and snuggled in it! So Nikki chose her bed. (Naturally when I put it down on the kitchen floor, she decided to play with it instead and pull on it with her teeth. O-K.)

Nikki was so tired out by the end of the class that she didn't have the energy to jump up on this young girl that began petting her. She just leaned on her and enjoyed it. I was so surprised ... I mean, Nikki hasn't been around kids very much. I told the girl that Nikki really liked her, which made her feel good! It was very cute. People walked by and said how cute Nikki was.

So back into the car for us. I got in the back seat and tried to coax her in but she balked! So I got out, and somehow she got her front paws in the car, so then I got the rest of her in.

Nikki thoroughly enjoyed herself and conked out pretty soon after we got home!

The construction crew is back today. I don't know about the color of the concrete ... it's such an important element, especially as it would be impossible to fix without spending lots of money. As for the pilasters, they're getting closer to finishing. Finally.

But if you take a look at the planters, I'm not sure I like the color so far. We'll see how things go. Talk about confusing. So will acid washing lighten it? I think I need to look up information about colored concrete. If any of you out there have had experience with it in the past, please tell me what you know about the process.

Oh, and the gardener didn't show up today. I was sure he was supposed to turn up last week and he didn't. Then I got a bill stating that they came on the 19th, but I'm trying to remember if that was true or not. Grrr. I remember after my father died, the grass (or shall I say the weeds) got about a foot high, yet they were charging us as if they had been to the house. Same gardener. I'm trying to wrack my brain here.


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