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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Birthday Fun Plus Nikki's "Gift"

Today was rather an eventful day. It didn't start out too promising ... up at 4:30 a.m. to take Callie to the vet for radiation. Trying to find a hiding cat at 4:30 a.m. isn't too much fun and also vacuuming up a spider in the hallway isn't my idea of a rollicking good time either. Dragged poor Callie out from behind the couch and off we went. Came back home, went to bed and slept rather badly. Headache. Got up too late so couldn't spend too much time with Nikki. Put her outside with a big chew while I took a shower.

I was in a hurry as I had to pick Callie back up, return home and then meet my sister and her daughters at the old Lido theatre in Newport Beach to see the movie, Pride and Prejudice. I looked out the dining room window and was horrified to find that Nikki had decided to make me a birthday present. She had totally ignored the chew I had put out there for her and was EATING MY WELCOME MAT!! Thanks but no thanks, Nikki! I brought her back inside and left the clean up for later. I hurriedly took a picture of it through the slider screen.

Luckily, the rest of my birthday day was far more pleasant! I met Cathy, Angie and Allie and right away they gave me a button to wear that said, "30 and Loving It!" Works for me! We saw the movie ... I hadn't been inside that theatre in years. It's a very beautiful Art Deco theatre and when the lights go down, the fish motif mural, painted with fluorescent paint, lights up. Plus, they serve herbal teas, coffee, etc. Rather nice concession stand.

We ate next door at a very cute diner-like restaurant. I had scampi over a bed of fettucine. Very good. Got lots of nice presents off of my Amazon wish list, including a book about a true-life murder. When they wondered why I wanted this book, I explained that the murder had taken place back in the 80's around the corner from my house. In fact, Cathy and I had grown up with the original inhabitants, the Donovans. I wonder if Tommy knows what happened in their house after they moved?

I was surprised with apple pie a la mode delivered to me by singing waiters. Stuck in the middle was a BIG, BLACK CANDLE with my true age on it. Aargh! :-)

All in all, a very nice birthday thanks to my sissy and my nieces. Got a phone call from Mari and her hubby singing happy birthday to me - very nice - plus emails from people wishing me a happy birthday, so that was great too.

Oh, when I came back home and let Nikki out, she immediately picked up the pieces of the welcome mat in her mouth. I had to clean it up right there and then, otherwise she would have been swallowing those pieces. What a kid.


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