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Monday, November 21, 2005

Nikki & Kayla, Together Again

The Mad Twosome got together again for 2 hours of rollicking fun on Sunday! (As you can see, Nikki is thankfully back to her old self, after NOT ingesting a grocery bag.) The two really get along great and have the best time! They go non-stop ... playing in the pool, rolling in the dirt, running into my kitchen and getting mud everywhere, jumping up on Robin and me with their dirty paws, wrestling, chasing each other, skidding across the concrete patios .... Ah yes, it's a dog's life!

Here is Kayla checking out my back gate. Something intriguing must have been on the other side of that gate! She was pretty cute when they were leaving. We were in the front yard and suddenly Kayla began barking at something only Kayla saw. Nikki looked around, trying to find this scary thing Kayla was barking at - she wanted to bark too, you see! Nikki was puzzled over her friend's behavior. (Yeah, like SHE'S never barked at herself in the reflection of a TV or window.)

I threw a chew into the back yard, thinking that the two of them could chew on it together (like they did at Kayla's house), but this time Kayla would grab it and run around the back yard with it. I kept thinking how one shouldn't run with scissors in your hand .... Hey, same thing, right?

Kayla's pretty smart. Robin said that when they got off the freeway, Kayla began to whine as they got closer and closer to my house. Seems Kayla recognized her surroundings and was eager to get to her buddy's house! Additionally, when Kayla and Robin left, both dogs were a little upset. Nikki tried to get into Robin's car with Kayla, which was pretty funny because she doesn't always enjoy getting into a car. And they both whined.

I was hoping Nikki would be asleep for hours after her play date but nope, she only had a short nap! She must be building up her stamina.

Anyway, took lots of pictures and videos of course. Plus I made an 11-minute short featuring last week's doggie rave. (Rave of 2.) Oh, and today Nikki is 32 weeks old.


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