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Friday, December 02, 2005

The Mad Twosome Strike Again!

They're bad, they're fierce and they're back! Yes, the Mad Twosome are back for bigger and badder adventures. (Badder - is that a word? I didn't think so.)

Yes, Nikki and Kayla are back, with Kayla showing off her famous pugilist style - the Front Paw Slap - and Nikki displaying her famous defensive poses. Action couldn't GET any wilder! (Believe me, Robin and I were there and we can attest to this.) There was chasing, splashing, rolling, leaping, wrestling plus lots of shaking excess water off of coats!

These two pals had the best time and again went at it non-stop for 2 hours. Robin and I got quite involved with the madcap pair, especially in the vain attempt to get them to leave my little pine tree alone. We tried the ole' distraction technique, which consisted of "Where's the ball?" "Get the ball!" and throwing the ball and yelling "Fetch!"

Finally it worked. I threw the ball (filming all the while) and Nikki and Kayla chased after it. Playing Fetch with Nikki last night and growling in her ear when she brought it back to me so that she would meekly drop the ball, seemed to help greatly with today's game. This time Nikki willingly gave me the ball each time, so it was quite a fast and furious game! When they'd run back to me, I'd bend down which caused them to run faster, and both dogs would streak through my legs. How I kept my balance and kept filming them, I don't know!

It was getting late so we encouraged the puppies to get back into their pool and get off some of that mud. Then Robin and I attempted to towel-dry the little munchkins. Have you ever tried to towel-dry two happy, excited, leaping LARGE puppies who lick your face and mouth? No-?? I can honestly say then that you haven't lived. A-hem. Robin and I then bumped heads while trying to dry off these crazy pooches, which caused us to laugh even harder.

Robin did make the comment that we probably should NOT be going into the dog grooming business together as we could only handle two dogs per day. We would go out of business soon, that is, unless we had this business in Beverly Hills and charged $200/dog. At least!

The good news is that both Nikki and I took 2-hour naps afterward. She got up, was VERY sweet and docile, chewed happily on her compressed rawhide, ate 3 scoops of food and then toddled back off to bed. A Very Happy Puppy Indeed!


  • Really funny story! I love the way you write about Nikki.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:01 AM  

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