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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Huntington Beach’s Central Park West

Big day for Super Pup! She went to her first big park today and, thanks to the Gentle Leader, she did quite well! I was hoping to eat at Alice's Breakfast in the Park but we didn't get there until after closing time. Now I thought I had eaten there before, but when I got there, I didn't recognize it. Still, Nikki and I had a blast walking around the lake and seeing all the ducks, the 4 big geese looking for handouts and all the people with their kids and dogs.

Nikki was fussed and petted over by many, but others thought she must be some kind of rogue dog. They mistook her Gentle Leader for a muzzle. I had to tell one guy that no, she doesn't bite. She pulls. She'd pull me down into the lake if I didn't have the GL on. Anyway, pretty funny how people mistake it for a muzzle when it clearly does NOT cover her mouth.

Anyway, I didn't have my camera with me, so these 2 photos are off of the Breakfast in the Park's web site (shush!) Check out their other photos, baked goods and their menu, etc. on

For some reason (maybe because of the massage that I had the day before - he worked on my calf muscles), my knee was in good shape. I was able to walk with no problem - slowly, but still, I walked! And it was such a pretty day! To think we had such a nice, mild day in January when others around the country are up to their eyeballs in snow.

Finally, Nikki and I left the park to go to PetsMart (where she was also fussed over and petted). Soon after leaving the Central Park West, I saw the other place. This is the one that I thought I was going to ... the Park Bench Cafe! (Their photo, too. Double shush!) It's also on a lake, although the other lake is prettier. This is the one that also has food that you can buy for your pets so they can eat while you do. And if I had seen it when I first passed it, I could have eaten there as it closes after the other place. Oh well. Check out their menu - both people and dog menus.

Obviously, you can't bring your dogs inside either establishment, but you can order your food at both place and eat outside. So can't wait to go back and try both places. Hopefully Robin and Kayla can go with us next time. Now THAT should be funny!


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