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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nikki's Been a Bad Girl!

Well, the Nikkster did it again. Last Tuesday (after I fell asleep on the couch watching TV), she ate a brand new plastic toy I had bought her approximately 2 hours earlier. Then, last Friday, she ate some electrical cords that were in the living room - again while I was sleeping on the couch. My mother's lamp had survived for 40 years but I have Nikki in the house for 10 months, and she destroys the cord!

This morning, she threw up right after getting up in the morning. I tried to clean it up, but she wanted to eat it. Yuck. Sorry. I tried to get it away from her, but she picked up the mess and ate it. (Hot lunch. Ooh. Sorry.)

I saw that there were 2 plastic pieces from the toy in all that mess that she upchucked, so I tried to get it. All I could manage to get was one of the plastic pieces, but not the other. I knew then that she should go to the vet. Well, surprise, surprise. They did an x-ray and found all kinds of foreign bodies! Something that looked like shoe laces, electrical cords, the plastic piece and Lord knows what else. The vet induced vomiting per my suggestion and she coughed up all kinds of stuff, including the plastic piece, the electrical cords plus one orange shoe lace and one white one. How she got shoe laces, I don't know. I never wear any ... wonder if she found some left behind something by my parents?

She's spending the night and they are x-raying her again tomorrow to make sure they got it all.

This all makes me wonder if the cats have had a hand in this. Shoe laces? I'm beginning to wonder if they plant things around the house in an effort to get rid of Nikki. They sure seem pretty happy tonight that she's not home. And maybe they're lacing my drinks with knock-out drops so I am off my guard. I'm sure that's it. Yep. Gotta be.


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