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Friday, August 04, 2006

Dogster and Catster

I just discovered Dogster and Catster, two fun websites devoted to dogs and cats, of course! The first pet I posted was Nikki, my Golden Retriever. Then, of course, I followed that up with pages for my three tabby cats, Callie, Joey Bear and Max.

Here's Nikki's page on Dogster (see link below her photo):

And Callie's page on Catster. She even garned a rosette! And did you know that she's considered a patched tabby? I had no idea. (See link below her photo.)

Joey's page on Catster (see link below his photo). Oh, and read their diaries, too. That's lots of fun .... And check out their Pet Pals for more fun.

This is definitely one of my favorite photos of Joey. Isn't he handsome?

Max's page on Catster (see link below his photo):


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