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Friday, December 15, 2006

Illustrator Creations

Did some work in Illustrator during the past couple of days so I figured I'd post them.

Glass bottles in various shapes and sizes. I love the feeling that you can see through the glass.

A logo for a mythical company using specified elements.

The next piece is a drawing of a maid. Creating the maid was more complex than it looks. First I drew her, using an old clip art with horribly jagged edges as a template. She was then filled with black and then basically the details (face, dress, legs, cuff, etc.) had to be drawn and filled with color. Then the highlights were added. It felt like I was drawing and re-drawing her numerous times. The time consuming part was really magnifying the drawing, sometimes up to 1600X, and tweaking all the points. So in other words, you draw it and refine it.

The original clip art that I used as a template.

The maid, as drawn by me.

Here she is with some fun effects and a background added.

The American flag as a bowtie and as (gasp) a flag!

A menu for a restaurant specializing in spicy foods, again with specified elements.

Here are some Illustrator works that were created about a month ago:


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