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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kayla is Thrown a Surprise Birthday Party!

Today, Mommy and I threw Kayla a surprise birthday party. It was all my idea. Mommy will try to claim the credit, but don't believe her. Anyways, Kayla is a big girl now - she'll be a whole year old on Valentine's Day, so we - I mean, I - thought it would be fun to get her a birthday cake, goodies and party hats! Oh, and she also got a fun toy to play with, plus a card in which I wrote a special message to my bestest friend, Kayla!

Kayla and her Mommy, Robin, knew that they were coming over for a pool party but didn't know about the rest of it. So yesterday, I pulled Mommy (coz that's what I do - pull) to a bakery just for doggies like me. It's called Three Dog Bakery - in Newport Beach, no less - and boy, did the stuff look yummy! They have all kinds of things there, made of peanut butter and carob and yogurt .... I picked out all kinds of pretty stuff for Kayla. First we got her cake, then the goodies. There was even a cookie that looked like a tuxedo. Snazzy, don'cha think?

I helped Mommy with the display, even though she kept telling me that she didn't want my help. Hah! Like I listened. Anyways, when Kayla came over with her Mommy, I jumped all over them, yelling "Surprise!" over and over again. I wanted to eat the cake right then, but for some reason, the grown-ups decided to let us have our pool party first and put us outside. We sure did have fun and the weather was nice and hot.

Finally, we got to eat the birthday cake and goodies. They were sure yummy! Mommy and Robin wanted to have some, too, as they looked so pretty, but I guess they were just for doggies. And then we put on our party hats so Mommy could take some pictures. Kayla loved the trim and ripped it off while I was wearing it. Her Mommy kept the other intact party hat for Kayla's baby book.

Mommy made sure to take videos of the party and she made a slide show, too, for all of you to see. For the slide show, go to

and for the videos, go to

Happy First Birthday, Kayla!
From your bestest pal, Nikki